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SAA Bridging Mathematics

The syllabus closely follows the UOL Mathematics 1 subject guide.

In addition, SAA Bridging Mathematics includes a chapter in Linear equations. The two-hour SAA Bridging Mathematics exam is similar in standard to the UOL paper, Mathematics 1. 

Learning Content & Learning Outcome

At the end of the lessons, students should be able to understand the below content and be able to apply it in the examination.

  • Concepts in Algebra
  • Functions and Curve Sketching
  • Differentiation
  • Functions of Several Variables
  • Sequences and series
  • linear equations
  • Integration
  • Matrix Algebra

Recommended textbooks:

  1. Anthony, M. and Biggs, N., Mathematics for Economics and Finance. (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, 1996.)[ISBN 0 521 55113 7 (hardback) and ISBN 0 521 55913 8 (paperback)].
  2. Dowling, Edward T. Introduction to mathematical economics. Schaum’s Outline Series. (New York; London: McGraw-Hill, 2000) Third Edition. [ISBN 007135896X].
  3. Bradley, T. Essential mathematics for economics and business. (Chichester: Wiley, 2008) Third Edition. [ISBN 0470018569].


Lesson Plan

Session   Topics
1 Basics, Functions and Inverse Functions
2 Differentiation
3 Applications of Differentiation
4 Partial Differentiation
5 Applications of Partial Differentiation
6 Intergration
7 Applications of Integration
8 Matrices
9 Solution of System of Linear Equations
10 Arithmetic Progression and Geometric Progression
11 Recursive Equations
12 Revision

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