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Information on CAT/FIA & ACCA January 2017 Pro-rated Intake and Class Transfers Due to Examination Results

Class-Transfer (due to Examination Results)

Follow these 3 simple steps below:

  1. Download the Course Request Form. Please ensure that you fill in your personal particulars, examination results and indicate the textbook/kit/notes that you wish to purchase. Please also submit a copy of your Examination Result Slip.
  2. Email the completed form to studentservices@saage.edu.sg. Subject: "Transfer Request due to ACCA exam results"
  3. Alternatively, you may submit your completed form and printed copy of results to any of our service counters.

You will be informed of the outcome of your request via email (approved/rejected). Please allow at least 3 working days of processing time.

To formalize your class transfer, please bring along your NRIC/FIN/Student's Pass Card, Original Receipt and your copy of Standard Student Contract. Students will be asked to sign the required documents, complete the pre-course counseling and make the necessary payment (if any).

Terms & Conditions

  1. All requests must be submitted no later than 23th January 2017.
  2. There will be no top-up/refund of course fees.
  3. There will be no exchange for textbooks and/or kits that have been collected.
  4. Incomplete forms or forms without Examination Result Slips attached will be disregarded.
  5. Please ensure that there will be no clashes to your class/es transferred.
  6. Original receipt and your copy of the Standard Student Contract must be produced during completion of formalities.
  7. All class transfers are subject to seat availability and will be on a first-come-first-served basis.
  8. Students who have signed up for ACCA Day-Time Classes must change both components in accordance to their main class. i.e F1 Main Class + F1 Revision to F4 Main Class + F4 Revision.
  9. ACCA Day-Time Classes (except local students who did not sign up for revision for F5 paper) and CAT Classes are inclusive of Revision. Student is strictly not allowed to exchange the Revision component with another paper.
  10. Students transferring from ACCA Day-Time Classes to ACCA Evening/Weekend Classes will be given the followingchoices: a) withdraw and obtain refund for the revision component (Standard Refund Policy applies), or b) transfer the revision component to another or the same paper. Student must make this choice at the same time as the main class transfer. *Not applicable to SAA-GE International Student's Pass Holders.
  11. In the event that students "pass" or "fail" a paper and decides to withdraw, SAA-GE shall refund 50% of course fee paid in the form of a Course Fee Deferment Memo (cheque refund only if students have no other papers to take). Not applicable for students "absent" from exam. Other terms and conditions for refund apply.
  12. For withdrawal of class/es due to examination results, processing time of refund application is seven (7) working days from the receipt of complete supporting documents.
  13. The processing fee for class transfers and refunds will be waived strictly within one week from exam results release date.
  14. For results marked as “Absent”, a processing fee of $50 is applicable for each class transfer and is not eligible for the 50% refund.

All forms and information are available for download :

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