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SAA Bridging Economics

The syllabus closely follows the UOL Introduction to Economics subject guide.

The three-hour SAA Bridging Economics exam is similar in standard and format to the UOL paper, Introduction to Economics.


Learning Content & Learning Outcome

At the end of the lessons, students should be able to understand the below content and be able to apply it in the examination.

  • The fundamental economic problem
  • Individual Choice
  • Production and behavior of the firm
  • Market Structures
  • Aggregation and the macroeconomic problem
  • The determinants of output
  • The goods market
  • Money and Banking
  • The IS/LM Model


Recommended textbooks:

  1. Begg, D., S. Fischer and R. Dornbusch Economics. (McGraw Hill, 2008) ninth edition [ISBN 9780077117870].
  2. Lipsey, R.G. and K.A. Chrystal Economics. (Oxford University Press, 2007) eleventh edition.[ISBN 9780199286416].
  3. Estrin, S. and D. Laidler Introduction to Microeconomics. (Harvester and Wheatsheaf, 1994)fourth edition [ISBN 0745014666].
  4. Witztum, A. Economics. (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2005) [ISBN 0199271631].


Lesson Plan

Session   Topics
1 Production Possibility Curve, Consumer Theory
2 Consumer Theory
3 Consumer Theory, Production and Cost
4 Perfect Competition
5 Monopoly and Monopolistic Competition
6 Investment and National Income
7 Multiplier, The Goods Market and the IS curve
8 Money Market, Loans 7 Deposit Multiplier and the LM curve
9 Balance Budget Multiplier, IS/LM open economy
10 IS/LM open economy
11 IS/LM closed economy 
12 Revision

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