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Course Synopsis

This degree aims to provide you with a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of accounting and finance theory and practice. In the 21st century, the role of the accountant has altered dramaticallyto meet the needs of economic change. Globalisation has driven many of the major developments inaccounting, led to the influence of accountants extending into an array of new areas and created greater demand for the services of accountants.

This top-up degree is for you if you have completed the ACCA F1 to F9 papers, a relevant local Polytechnic Diploma, the SAA-GE Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Finance or its equivalent.

It is designed for students who would like to pursue a career in accounting and finance. It will enable students to probe further into the intricacies of advanced corporate finance, advanced management accounting, advanced financial accounting and reporting and to become familiar with business research, credit management and investment management.

Programme Structure

The top-up degree consists of 6 modules of 20 credits each, giving a total of 120 credits.

Graduation Requirements

There are 6 modules in the top-up year giving 120 credit points. No further exemptions are awarded.

Students need to pass all 6 modules OR 5 modules with an average mark of 40 with the failed mark between 30-39 to graduate.

Awarding Body

Plymouth University

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