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ACCA Promo Code

We are offering a promo code for NEW ACCA Students!

Enter Code: SGL

  • Partial waiver of Initial Registration. New students pay £30 instead of £79 (based on current rate-card)
  • Full waiver for first year annual subscription fee (worth £97).
  • Validity of the code: expires 31 March 2018. 



1.    Students are required to key in “Singapore” at point confirmation of course


2.    Students are to upload all transcripts and highest qualifications. For exemptions, our colleagues in UK will assess the supporting documents submitted and revert within 5-10 working days. Normal applications should take within 5-7 working days. Students can also refer to the ACCA exemptions calculator to get an overview of the number of exemptions they might be eligible

for. http://www.accaglobal.com/sg/en/help/exemptions-calculator.html


3.    Students key in Exchange Code (SGL) as shown in screenshot herein. If the code is successfully applied, students will be prompted to make a payment of £30 (instead of £79)




4. Upon approval, they will be issued an ACCA student membership no followed by a password. They can then login to MYACCA to book for their exams.

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